TMS-300 TopMap In.Line

TMS-300 TopMap In.Line

This is the perfect system for precisely measuring and controlling surface quality in a production environment. The compact instrument is flexible and can be integrated into the production line in many ways.  By using preset specifications for flatness and topography, measurements can be made quickly and with a high product throughput. The measurement itself is very fast and can be completely automated. The vertical resolution is a few nanometers and, depending on the task, different fields-of-view are available from 4.2 mm x 5.5 mm up to 19 mm in diameter. The large stand-off distance enables several unique measurement options, such as measuring topography through windows or in inaccessible places with the aid of a deflecting mirror. 

  • Non-contact topography-measuring interferometer
  • Designed for production environments
  • Vertical dynamic range of up to 500 μm
  • Fast measurement over large field of view (up to 19 mm in diameter)
  • High-precision vertical resolution <10 nm
  • Accurate inspection of high-aspect-ratio surface topography (e.g. laser-drilled holes)

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