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Polytec addresses the surface metrology market with innovative, high-precision, non-contact 3D optical technology that works on rough, smooth and stepped surfaces. These products are based on scanning white-light interferometry, also called coherent or vertical scanning interferometry or coherence radar. With large vertical range and nanometer resolution, Polytec’s TMS products are ideal for determining flatness, step-height and parallelism of large surfaces and structures, of a wide variety of materials.

The TMS-1200, an optical profiler, is based on the industry standard scanning white light interferometry technology and offers wide flexibility with its modular configuration.

The TMS-500 and TMS-100 directly listed below are telecentric in optical design and therefore offer significant advantages to the other technologies. The ability to reach recessed surfaces (~70 mm) while measuring the entire feature without clipping is the first of its kind in this industrial metrology marketspace.

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