LSV-6000 Series Laser Surface Velocimeter

LSV-6000 Series Laser Surface Velocimeter

When the best is needed, the LSV-6000 Series answers the call. Without compromising important features such as accuracy, velocity direction (+/–) or zero speed measurement (stand still detection), Polytec designed and built a rugged and reliable instrument for velocity and length measurements in difficult mill environments. By incorporating advanced laser technology, the LSV-6000 Series eliminates common problems that plague traditional contact-wheel measurement methods such as slippage, chatter, changing wheel diameter and frequent maintenance.

  • Flexible system configurations meet the requirements of demanding mill conditions
  • Fast, simple integration into mill monitoring and process-control systems
  • Automatic Surface Adaptation (ASA) feature compensates for changing surface conditions providing a high-quality signal on virtually any surface
  • Fast Burst Detector (FBD) locks on to and follows true velocity, even during periods of high acceleration
  • Measure safely with stand off distances up to 2.5 m (8.2 ft), and depths-of-field up to 200 mm
  • Accurate velocity measurements indicate forward, backward and standstill conditions
  • Fast signal processing outputs of 1024 measurements/second for tight process control loops needing measurement accuracy and short cycle times
  • Many interface options including ethernet, RS-232/-422, quadrature encoder and current loop
  • High-performance set-up and diagnostic software to configure, program and process measurements
  • User-friendly, two-line display shows velocity, length and status information on site; optional large display
  • Eye-safe, visible laser beam

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