Stroboscope BVS-II Wotan

Stroboscope BVS-II Wotan

The BVS-II Wotan stroboscope is specially designed for high-speed industrial vision applications where short-duration, high-intensity light pulses are necessary to “stop” the motion. The high-intensity light pulses not only minimize image smearing by decreasing the exposure time, but reduce ambient light problems by dominating the illumination intensity.  A convenient fiber-optic system allows the user to choose from many different accessories to improve the illumination pattern.

Maximum energy

ca. 2,16 J electrically

Maximum frequency

200 Hz (internal trigger adjustable from 1 to 200 Hz)

Pulse to pulse stability

typically < 2,5 %


ca. 300 nm to 1000 nm

Lifetime at
maximum energy

108 Flashes (70 % rest intensity)


RS232, trigger interface

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