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Polytec offers an attractive rental program as well as testing services by our experienced application engineering team.  We pride ourselves in fast response times and a flexible schedule depending on your needs.  Our specialties include, besides general vibration testing, structural dynamics characterization of large structures as well as microstructures, finite element model validation and surface metrology.


  • Avoid long procurement cycle (short turnaround)
  • Utilize project funding
  • Fast response
  • Flexible & customized solutions
  • Instant results, with no equipment learning curve

Please contact us at 949-943-3033 or send us an email at info@polytec.com to find a solution for your measurement needs.

The tests can be run in one of our state-of-the-art engineering centers and test facilities located in North America (Detroit MI, Boston MA, Los Angeles and San Francisco CA), Europe (Germany, France, Great Britain) and Asia (Japan, Singapore) or at the convenience of your facility (on-site). No matter where, Polytec's Application Engineers use the latest measurement technology to acquire the best data for you.

Automated Structural Dynamics (RoboVib) Test Lab

Identify noise sources and rapidly find acoustic hot spots to optimize NVH and CAE accuracy. Rapid results for experimental modal analysis.

  • FE Model Updating on a Body In White
  • NVH Troubleshooting
  • Optimizing Damping Material Placement
  • Measure and Locate Structure-Borne Sound Sources

Structural Dynamics Lab

Measure the behavior of a structure dynamically for optimization from the acoustic range all the way up to ultrasonic range.

  • Root Cause Failure (ex. post production circuit board)
  • Quantifying head protection (ex. helmet)
  • Vibration measurements on rotating components
  • Dynamic Stress and Strain measurements (ex. turbine blades)

MEMS 3-D Motion Analysis Lab

Accurate displacement measurements and dynamic testing of device response to determine mechanical parameters such as resonant frequency, stiffness and damping. Design validation of performance versus expected FE model predictions. Quantify actuators and devices in the time domain providing 3D visualizations of measured settling time dynamics as well as precise motion analysis.

  • Comb drive resonator
  • Dynamic response of mirror array
  • Modal response of cantilever based on mechanical parameters
  • Nano Electro-Mechanical (NEMS) structure measurements

Surface Topography Lab

Measure ultrafine topography through a microscope or on large structures for reverse engineering or an understanding of the finalized geometry of an object.  Output includes surface characteristic features: shape, geometry, curvature, roughness, step height, etc.

  • Quality control of ultrasonic inhalers
  • Sealing surface – roughness, waviness, scratches
  • Step heights between surfaces
  • Flatness and parallelism
  • Maintain and understand sealing surfaces

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