Polytec celebrated at its headquarters in  Waldbronn, Germany the new  Polytec Test Center with invited guest. The acoustically optimized test chamber is equipped with 2 RoboVib®-Robots on linear traverses for Modal Testing. This equipment allows for compete vehicle test in a fraction of time compared with conventional methods. Up to 90% time reduction was achieved to the average in industry. At the same time the spatial resolution is dramatically increased bringing resulting data files closer to optimal Finite Element models validation requirements. Being non-contact the 3D scanning laser vibrometry technology is fed by FE model geometries and its coordinate system for probing point definition. Polytec development partners now can make use of this efficient technology on contract or single order basis.

The Polytec application engineers support:

  • Consulting for an optimal test setup
  • The actual measurement
  • Modal extraction and modal analysis
  • Operational deflection shape analysis

The new RoboVib® Test Center is the answer to an increase need for external testing capacities in the German industry and in the neighboring countries.

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