The TopMap TMS-500 is a non-contact Surface measurement and metrology system. I has been designed for user-friendly operation as well as efficient, fast and precise characterization of high precision mechanical components. Flatness, parallelism and step-height parameters are some of the standard measurements for the system which may measure even for macroscopic samples. Samples can be measured and characterized quickly and with excellent repeatability and accuracy.

The TopMap TMS-500 with its excellent return on investment expands the Polytec TopMap family of surface metrology instrumentation with improved large field of view using confocal scanning interferometry while maintaining high-performance. By using Polytec’s proprietary “Smart Surface Scanning” technology it can measure on almost any surface. The result is a large vertical measurement range (70 mm z-range) which allows for very precise and traceable characterization on otherwise difficult surfaces like drilled holes or workpieces with large steps.

The system is designed to be used in both off-line and in-line quality control applications. The TMS measurement and analysis software is DIN/ISO compliant and individually customizable to perfectly serve specific measurement tasks which each individual client may require.

The optical full-field measurement ensures important details are not overlooked. Premature errors in the production line are recognized earlier which leads to a higher production-yield and reduced production costs.

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