RSS-FEED Optical Surface Metrology

With the TopMap Pro.Surf+, the TopMap family is complete for now. We have used this opportunity to briefly introduce all the... (12.09.2016) read more >>

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Polytec is the market leader for non-contact, laser based vibration and velocity measurement instrumentation. Our innovative solutions allow our customers to maintain their own technical leadership across many fields.

Featured Solutions

Industrial Length & Speed Control

Optimize footage counting, cut-to-length and length verification with Polytec's LSV, the non-contact encoder.

Automated Structural Dynamic Test Lab

3D Vibration Measurement to validate FE Models, Modal Analysis, NVH Trouble-shooting, Damping Material.

Microsystem & MEMS Analyzers

For resonant frequency, stiffness, damping and topography of mirror arrays, resonators and actuators.

Engineering Services

For Structural Dynamics, Acoustics and Ultrasonic measurement needs – Polytec provides services at your facility or in one of our labs.

Your Engineering Resource

Testing Services

Let us help solve your measurement tasks utilizing our engineering team or rental program. 

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