Polytec – Your Sales Partner for Photonics Technologies

Since its founding in 1967, Polytec has been a distribution partner for international manufacturers of photonics technology products. We understand the concerns and needs of our partners - not the least because as the manufacturer of a strong line of products, we likewise market and sell globally through a large number of representatives.

We speak the customers' language and are capable of mastering new technologies in the shortest of times. These are the prerequisites for providing advanced consulting services for products that require guidance!

Reasons for our joint success:

  • Experience
    We have been active in the distribution of lasers and optical measuring instrumentation for more than 45 years and can claim an unrivaled inside knowledge of markets and market participants!
  • Know-how
    Specialist engineers and physicists with a high level of expertise in the area of optical technologies make up both the sales and service team.
  • Reliability
    The premise is long-term cooperation and reliable partnership-based collaboration. Polytec's business is about focus and avoiding product overlaps. That is why partners can rely on focused sales of their products.
  • Flexibility
    Individual agreements for an equitable collaboration or the distribution of partner products through selected Polytec subsidiaries are just two examples of many.
  • Service
    An in-house service department for training, installations, repairs and calibration shortens processing times and relieves the manufacturers of additional burden.
  • Marketing
    Partners can rely on strong and targeted product marketing. Some 70 fairs and exhibitions plus 60 press releases and 15 technical articles per year, print and online adverts, as well as 25,000 website hits per month speak for themselves.
  • Variety
    Polytec covers a wide spectrum of phototonics technologies. You can find an overview here

Are you looking for a reliable partner, who is able to present your products in the German/European sales region both competently and successfully? Then it’s time we spoke!

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