Shock Absorber Measurement

When designing shock absorbers the tolerances, flatness and step height of the shims and piston can make all the difference between a quality product and an inferior product. The piston and shims are vital components of how the shock absorber works. They control the dampening of a shock by acting as a valve for the fluid/gas inside.

The area at which the shim and piston make contact is called the land. Any imperfections in the flatness of the land area will cause unwanted leakages of this fluid/gas.

Another important measurement on the piston is the height differences between the hub and land, the holes, which is essential for flow restriction and therefore dampening effects. Traditional methods of detecting these imperfections are time consuming and provide just a snapshot of some the surface.

With a Polytec TMS system you will be able to cut down time significantly and produce a detailed measurement of the entire surface showing imperfections in flatness, height differences and angles of the part.

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