Acoustics & Ultrasonics

Acoustics & Ultrasonics

The inherent properties of laser doppler vibrometry (LDV) make this technology
the perfect research tool for audio and ultrasound.

Vibrometers are indispensable tools for loudspeaker design identifying Diaphragm resonances that are deleterious to sound quality. Vibrometer measurements provide an experimental basis for sophisticated acoustic investigations like structural-acoustic response (sound field) predictions, acoustic imaging and anti-sound research. Also the development of microphones, mobile phones and hearing aids benefits from LDV

Your benefits are:

  • Non-contact operation
  • Full-field vibration mapping
  • Flat frequency response from DC to the GHz range
  • Small laser focus spot for high spatial resolution


Beyond audible sound
Most manufacturers of ultrasonic tools for industry and medicine already rely on Polytec products for their R&D. The ability to measure and visualize the vibrational characteristics of both actuators and sensors makes LDV an indispensible tool for FE modelling, optimization and troubleshooting.

Musical instruments
Musical instruments generate wonderful, inspiring sounds through their vibrations. Polytec vibrometers can help us to discover the secrets of how this happens.