Acoustic Camera Applications

The Acoustic Camera is an optimal tool for visualization of sound level measurements. By taking real time measurements and displaying 3D acoustic fields, the instrument can be used for sound source localization on targets that are stationary, outdoors, moving or in wind tunnels.  With the ultra high resolution and 3d capability of the Acoustic Camera we are able to resolve sound sources on small devices all the way up to large and awkward structures.

These measurements are done rapidly.  The modular & flexible architecture allows the system to quickly analyze the structure at hand and the measurements are visualized, quality problems are detected greatly reducing development.

Noise Reduction

Demonstrates use and success of the Acoustic Camera in the field of noise reduction.

Sound Analysis

The Acoustic Camera as a resource for localizing and identifying sound emissions.

Quality Control

The Acoustic Camera as an innovative tool for fault detection and quality control.

Car Interior

A strange noise coming from the car at higher speed? Learn how the Acoustic Camera could localize the problem.

Aircraft Interior

Demonstrate how the Acoustic Camera is applied to analyze aircraft cabin interior noise.

Wind Turbine

The Acoustic Camera as an indispensable tool for the analysis of wind turbine noise during operation.

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