Calibration & Service

Calibration & Services

Traceable vibrometer calibration ensures a high level of data quality, critically important for many applications in industry, science and medicine. Polytec service engineers ensure fast and efficient equipment calibration that is traceable to national and international standards as well as ISO compliant. The measurement results are referenced to the HeNe laser wavelength due to its accuracy and stability. The performance of Polytec digital vibrometers is so outstanding that they can also be used as a reference standard in primary calibration systems for shock and vibration transducers.

Calibration and service are done at the customer’s facility or in one of Polytec’s labs in North America (Los Angeles, Boston and the Midwest office), Germany and Japan.

Equipment repairs are infrequent but when needed are done by experienced service engineers in close cooperation with Polytec’s development and manufacturing departments.

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    Calibration & Service
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