QuickCheck Software

Quick Check Diagnose-Software

QuickCheck is a multichannel, PC-based software for semi-or fully automatic process monitoring and quality control based on the vibration behavior of the product. The range limits for each product test are assigned during quality examinations of good and bad products (e.g. using QuickAnalyzer), entered into the software and stored in a database. During the test process, a pass/fail decision is calculated by comparing the vibration response of each test sample with the limits corresponding to that product test. The pass/fail decision is indicated on the display, transferred to the production controller and stored in a log file for future statistical evaluation.

Pass-Fail-Analysis Quick Check

QuickCheck QCsoftware is a powerful data processing program designed for production-line applications of acoustic quality-control algorithms. QC acquires and evaluates the measurement signals, makes the pass/fail decision, controls the test routine and communicates with the customer’s process control system (PLC).

Some important QC software features:

  • Signal evaluation algorithms that operate in the time, frequency and time/frequency domain
  • A Matlab interface for special application-optimized processing routines
  • “Learning” algorithms for automatic optimization of signal processing based on reference objects with known properties
  • Flexible and programmable control of the entire test routine
  • Automatic switching between different production-line product types
  • Full remote access via modem for service and optimization of the measurement parameters