Single-Point Vibrometers

Single-point vibrometers measure the amount of vibration at a single point on an object's surface. More specifically, a laser vibrometer measures the projected component of an object's surface vibration vector along the direction of the incident laser beam. For example, if aligned perpendicularly to surface under test, the vibrometer measures the out-of-plane vibration to the surface (the instrument is sometimes referred to as an out-of-plane vibrometer).

Modular systems feature maximum flexibility. Controllers and sensor heads can be selected separately to meet your specific requirements.

Sensor Heads

OFV-50x Vibrometer Sensor Head

- high optical sensitivity
- autofocus option
- interchangable lens

OFV-55x Fiber-Optic Sensor Head

- for small samples
- differental option
- range of optic add-ons

OFV-534 Compact Sensor Head

- camera option
- microscope optics add-on


OFV-5000 Vibrometer Controller

- highest performance
- flexible decoder configuration

OFV-2520 Dual Channel Controller

- supports 2 sensor heads
- up to 3.2 MHz freq. range

VDD PC-Based Digital Vibrometer

- high resolution
- 2 MHz frequency range

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