Polytec chromatic confocal point sensors can be used for a wide range of applications, including:

Roughness Measurement

Our sensors are fully compliant with the new ISO 25178 regulation and are able to measure roughness values down to a few nanometers. They enable the acquisition of roughness profiles much faster than a classical tactile probe, and without any risk of marking the surface.

Thickness Measurement

The innovative Confocal Chromatic Imaging principle allows measurement of the thickness of transparent materials, with extremely high accuracy.

Profilometry and Microtopography

Interfaced with 3D scanning devices, these optical sensors give access to full 2-D and 3-D measurements of complex objects or assemblies, with accuracy.


Thanks to their extended measuring range, the sensors are the perfect solution for an accurate autofocus in vision systems.

Online Inspection

These new optical sensors allow systematic control on production lines thanks to their very high measuring rates and advanced interfacing capabilities with production line or custom inspection machinery.

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