TopMap Pro.Surf+

TMS-500-R TopMap Pro.Surf+ is the latest member of the TopMap family measuring the form and roughness of surfaces in a fast, reliable and very precise way. The high-end product TopMap Pro.Surf is upgraded to an "all-in-one system" thanks to the integrated optical roughness sensor and the new data acquisition concept. The resulting TopMap Pro.Surf+ is the optimum system to measure precision parts, for metrology laboratories until production lines with high accuracy and repeatability.

2 million measurement points on an area of 44 mm x 33 mm can be measured without stitching in just a few seconds – extendable up to 230 mm x 220 mm. Vertical measurement range of 70 mm and an excellent Z- resolution independent of the measurement area will create new possibilities to analyse precision surfaces. The telecentric optical design allows for measurements even in hard-to-reach areas. Integrated image processing tools (e.g. automated pattern recognition) simplify and accelerate the quality assurance by measuring multiple samples at the same time without the need of mechanical fixture.

  • Fast and precise 3D optical surface metrology
  • Non-contact measurement principle and treaceable results
  • Smart Scanning Technology and unique Filter Wheel System for almost all types of surfaces
  • Large Measurement volume of 230 x 220 x 70 mm3
  • Telecentric optical design for hard-to-reach surfaces
  • All-in-one-system overlooks no details (form and surface finish)
  • No collision with the sample
  • Measurement of multiple samples without mechanical fixture
  • Easy-to-use measurement software even for automated tasks