Multichannel Spectrometers

NIR Spectrometer System

Multiplexer to use several sensor heads with one spectrometer

Frequently analyses must be performed at more than one measuring point in a process. For this setup we recommend the Multiplexer accessory, enabling the use of several and even different sensor heads with one spectrometer. It enables a customised configuration to address different analytical problems in a cost-effective way.

Multiplexer systems with fibre optic couplers are available with two to nine sensor heads. They are fitted with SMA 905 connectors.

Multiplexer unit for 3 sensor heads:

  • Available as 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, 1x6 and 1x9 multimode fibre optic couplers
  • 400 µm fibres
  • N. A. 0.22
  • SMA 905 connection on the front panel
  • D-Sub 25 on the back panel
  • Power supply 100..240 V AC
  • Activation: TTL via D-Sub 25, +5 V DC, green Power-LED, 30 ms query delay


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