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Advancing Measurements by Light – just what does this really mean? Take a short video journey into vibration measurement and Polytec’s innovative solutions. You can view or download the videos here or, for comprehensive information, order one of our DVDs.

Product Videos

Vibrometer Video

How does a laser vibrometer work? What are the features and benefits of the technology?

PSV-3D Instructional Video

This comprehensive video shows how the PSV-400-3D Scanning Vibrometer works and how it is operated.

RoboVib Demonstration

This Video explains the operation of the RoboVib Structural Test Station step by step.

Derotator Video

With the Optical Derotator, even rotating objects can be characterized under operational conditions.

Surface Metrology Video

This brand-new comprehensive video shows how the TopMap White-Light Interferometer works, how it is operated and which...

Microstructure Characterization

This video shows how the Micro System Analyzer clarifies real microstructural response and topography.

Laser Surface Velocimetrie Video

This new LSV video provides an overview of the technology, markets and applications, as well as the....


About Laser Surface Velocimetry

Interview from the Wire & Tube Trade Show 2010

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