Acoustic Quality Control & Vibration Testing

Acoustic Quality Control and Vibration Testing

Acoustic quality control is a versatile, non-destructive procedure to assess the quality and reliability of products and manufacturing processes. Buried within a product’s acoustic (vibration) response is important information on the condition of the product and the manufacturing process that made it. Similarly, at critical points in the manufacturing process, acoustic signatures can be acquired that document the state of the process itself. Early detection of faulty parts leads to lower manufacturing costs, less and better-timed maintenance, fewer out-of-spec products and less unscheduled down time.

Solutions from Polytec

Polytec has developed standard hardware, sensor and software modules that can be used to quickly construct systems for R&D applications or for development prototypes for industrial measurement (QC) applications. Standard modules are designed to be integrated with specialized software, hardware and customer-specified equipment to form a complete production or end-of-line test solution.

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