Hardware & Software Maintenance

Hardware & Software Maintenance

Customized Service Packages Are an Economical and Efficient Way to Protect Your Investment in Advanced Optical Measurement Technology

When properly maintained, Polytec’s sophisticated optical measurement equipment can last many years before needing to be replaced. Customized service packages can be assembled for any Polytec technology including laser vibrometer systems, laser velocimeters, micro system analyzers and white-light interferometers. With these packages, you can keep your measurement systems in great condition for their entire service life and also keep them updated with the newest software. Regularly calibrated, cleaned and subject to preventative maintenance, you are guaranteed exceptional performance even after several years - just as you were on the first day of use.

Reliability and Stability

Polytec optical measurement systems stand out due to their extremely high level of reliability and stability. Every system is individually checked in our quality control department before being delivered to the customer.

Have Your Service Package Customized

Please contact your local Polytec office to have the optimal service package assembled for your specific calibration and hardware usage requirements.

Safety through Calibration

We recommend having the instruments calibrated at regular intervals, as they can be exposed to environmental stresses while being used. Calibration gives you the assurance that you will be able to use your measurement system for a long time and remain within the limits of the original specifications. In addition, during calibration, preventative maintenance is carried out and the optical components are cleaned.

We will monitor the calibration schedule for your instruments and automatically remind you when calibration is due.

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