PSV Scanning Vibrometer Software

PSV Scanning Vibrometer Software

PSV Software is the core of every Polytec full-field vibration measurement system. It's dedicated to the acquisition and processing of vibration measurement data using PSV, PSV-3D, MSA-500 and UHF-120 systems.

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PSV Software is a powerful tool that provides (depending on version):


Hardware control:

  • Precise automatic and mouse control of lasers and scanners
  • Advanced video settings including zoom and focus
  • Laser autofocus for scanning laser heads for best S/N ration
  • Vibrometer controller settings for one or two controllers
  • Motorized pan and tilt control of the optional PSV-A-T11.

Data acquisition:

  • Frequency domain and time domain
  • Up to 819,200 FFT lines and 64 MSamples
  • Time-domain animation - "slow motion" e.g. of switching or decaying processes (option)
  • Digital and analog filters, signal averaging: complex, magnitude, time and peak-hold
  • Real-time integration and differentiation in time and frequency domain



  • Geometry scan (option)
  • Geometry optimization with VideoTriangulation (option)
  • Grid import and export with smoothing, coarsening and refining functions
  • Manual grid generation and manipulation
  • Up to 250,000 scan points per object


    Data Processing

    • Intuitive and animated data visualization
    • Interfaces with modal, FEM and other software
    • ASAM ODS interface 
    • PolyFileAccess, an open programming interface for 3rd party solutions
    • a scripting engine Visual Basic® compatible scripting engine
    • Seamless integration into the engineering work flow and the IT environment.
    • SignalProcessor to apply various mathematical operations to the measured data.
    • Project browser allows easy access to complete projects, measurement files and macros.


    Data Presentation

    • Pseudo-colors, isolines and wire mesh display of operational deflection shapes
    • Impressive frequency-selective  3D animation (also with overlaid object image)
    • Export as AVI or animated GIF file, graphics or data