LSV-300 Laser Surface Velocimeter

LSV-300 Laser Surface Velocimeter

The robust, IP 66 protected LSV Controller powers the sensor head and provides signal conditioning and processing. It accepts commands from process controllers and can be monitored by a computer via its serial interface. The LSV controller easily integrates with a local area network (LAN) through the optional Ethernet interface. Length and velocity data are simultaneously displayed and updated every millisecond at each output.

  • Maximum velocity ± 7,200 m/min; accuracy 0.05% of measured value
  • Measurement value output rate up to 1042/s
  • Stand-off distance: up to 2,500 mm
  • Two-line LCD display of velocity and length data - imperial or metric units can be configured via RS-232 interface
  • Fast, state-of-the-art signal processor  with powerful command set  for efficient system communication via serial interface
  • High speed  RS-232 or RS-422 interface (max. 230 kbit/s)

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