LSV-1000 Laser Surface Velocimeter

LSV-1000 Laser Surface Velocimeter

Lower Operating Costs and Improved Process Control and Reliability

For reliable processes, accurate velocity control and precise cut-to-length applications, replace contact wheel measurements with the LSV-1000 Laser Surface Velocimeter for non-contact velocity and length measurement, higher operating efficiency, reduced downtime and easy integration.

Compact, Reliable, Cost Effective (Fast ROI)

Precision speed and length measurements are critical for controlling production costs and for process optimization of continuous or quasi-continuous production. The ideal sensor must meet or exceed traditional contact-sensor accuracy while increasing reliability, enduring adverse industrial environments and minimizing maintenance.

The LSV-1000 represents Polytec's next-generation, compact velocimeter for non-contact length and speed measurement of continuous goods. The LSV-1000 is fast, precise and reliable for accurate control of cut-to-length applications. Optimized for the core tasks, the system offers rapid ROI to the user. Whether the task is to measure steel, shiny aluminum, oily sheets, wire, cable, paper, cardboard, non-wovens and tissue, the new LSV measures reliably on almost any surface or material.

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