RLV-5500 Rotational Laser Vibrometer

RLV-500 sensor head with laser unit

The RLV-5500 Rotational Laser Vibrometer benefits from digital decoding techniques, an improved S/N ratio and an expanded rpm range of up to 20,000 rpm.

The compact design of the sensor head allows to get close to the measurement object. An integrated air purge system protects the optics from production oil spray and dust. Even onboard measurement of an operating drivetrain in a moving vehicle is now possible.

The new RLV-5500 Rotational Laser Vibrometer uses a fiber optic cable to provide laser power to the small RLV-500 Sensor Head, increasing mounting and positioning options without sacrificing precision. The RLV-5500 Controller comes with a 19’’ industrial housing and incorporates the signal processing electronics and power supply.

The sensor head is available for standoff distances of 70 mm, 200 mm, 400 mm and 600 mm. An additional deflection unit enables perpendicular measurements. The RLV-500 Sensor Head can cope with harsh conditions due to the integrated air purge-system and its IP67-protected housing.

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