Data Storage

In the highly precision-demanding nano-tribology research in hard disk drives, the Polytec laser Doppler vibrometer (LDV) provides us with one of the most powerful solutions. The ultra-low noise floor achieved by the high-end Polytec digital decoders and the well-integrated interferometer systems recover the miniature but critical vibration amplitudes below a few nanometers between the flying head and the fast spinning disk. Polytec systems are highly dedicated to the measurements among a wide range of working bandwidths at an unrivaled resolution, with no sacrifice on its reliability and flexibility among different applications. While the benchmark of nanotechnology has evolved from resolving mysteries at scales of hundreds of nanometers down to a few angstroms as of today, the Polytec system has been always in-line with it.
Yung-Kan Chen, Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Mechanics Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering Department, University of California at Berkeley

Dans le domaine de l'industrie "data storage", la vibrométrie laser à effet doppler est très utilisée pour les applications suivantes:

  • Contrôle qualité de produits finis
  • Analyse modale ou méthode FEM
  • Analyse dynamique

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