Industrial Length & Speed Control

Precision speed and length measurements are critical for optimization of production processes such as those used in rolling and paper mills. Proper utilization of these measurements can lead to lower production costs and higher product quality. Polytec velocimeters are a better choice than traditional contact wheel encoders for today's mill environment, providing better precision, lower maintenance costs, fast return on investment (ROI) and plug-in compatibility. More than 1000 Polytec Laser Surface Velocimeters (LSV) are installed worldwide and routinely measure speed and length of moving surfaces with extreme laser precision and without contact on coils, strips, tubes, fiber, film, paper, foil, composite lumber, or almost any other moving material, including hot steel. The best testament to our products' performance is our customers and their numerous successful LSV applications. 

Cut-to-length Control

Cut to length in hot and cold environments, flying saws, extruders, and much more

Part Length Measurement

Goods in pieces like gypsum and paper board, timber, metal sheets

Spool Length

Cable, wire, fiber, woven and non-woven fabrics, corrugated paper, foils

Speed Measurement and Speed Control

Speed measurement in cold and hot rolling mills

Differential Speed Measurement

Elongation/speed ratio measurement on strip skin pass and temper mills, tension and leveling lines, mass flow

Speed Synchronization

Slippage detection, synchronization of casters, lamination processes

Encoder Calibration

Calibration of encoder equipment on process lines

Ink-jet Marker Control

Length marking on continuous goods in testing facilities


Operating Principle

Video LSV Operating Principle

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