Industrial Quality Control

  • TopMap surface metrology
  • TopMap surface metrology

Polytec's TopMap surface metrology can be easily integrated in the manufacturing line for production testing. By testing workpieces early and often in the manufacturing cycle, deviations and adverse trends can be quickly identified and promptly resolved. Polytec's white light interferometers are designed to measure workpieces in a metrology chamber, located near the production line for SPC or installed in-line for 100% quality inspection. Ths TMS-300 TopMap In.Line is the ideal production control system for precisely measuring surfaces as they are manufactured. The compact instrument is easily adapted to the production line. Installation is simple and benefits from many different mounting configurations. Preset measurement configurations make it easy to characterize flatness, topography or other product specifications while maintaining high product throughput and 100% quality control.

Top image: Part under inspection
Bottom image: False color topographic map of part surface with nanometer resolution