Flatness and Parallelism

Flatness and Parallelism

Flatness is a critical parameter for functional surfaces, such as mating surfaces used in pressure and vacuum technology, transparent film for displays, semiconductor components, metal flanges and ceramic surfaces. Measuring the flatness of a surface or the parallelism of multiple surfaces couldn't be simpler with the TopMap systems. One measurement covers a large surface area (37 x 28 mm2) and characterizes the workpiece surface, quickly and comprehensively.

Example: Flatness of Mirror Holders

Critically precise mirror holders are used in the Geometry Scan Unit of Polytec’s Scanning Vibrometer. These holders are manufactured in an automated machining center in Polytec’s production shop. Stresses induced in the part from the machining can impair the flatness of the mirror mounting surface. Deviations from acceptable flatness tolerances are identified using a TopMap measurement system and are corrected appropriately in the manufacturing process.

Mirror holder

Measurement setup

Good part

Bad part