3-D Surface Profiling

Surface measurements are critical to the successful manufacturing of precision parts. Components and structures ranging from submillimeter to centimeter size can be found in many fields including the automotive, aerospace, semiconductor and data storage industries. Measuring with subnanometer resolution in the vertical direction, scanning white light interferometry is vastly superior to traditional contact measurement methods and has become the preferred tool for industrial quality control of precision part geometry and surface finish.

Measurements on Large Surfaces

The TMS-500 TopMap, TMS-100 TopMap Metro.Lab and the TMS-300 TopMap In.Line are telecentric inspection systems that are ideal for the measurement of surface parameters such as flatness, parallelity or step height. The large vertical scan range of up to 70 mm allows surfaces to be measured that are separated by large steps or are deeply recessed, such as in drill holes. Fast, precise measurement of large areas make these interferometers the optimum tool for quality control, be it spot tests or in-line measurements.

Micro-topography of Fine Structures

Systems with microscopic optical setups like the TMS-1200 TopMap µ.Lab feature high lateral resolution, enabling measurements on microstructures to determine surface parameters like roughness, waviness and form parameters. The MSA-500 Micro System Analyzer combines white light interferometry, laser vibrometry and stroboscopic video microscopy for both static and dynamic characterization of MEMS and other microstructures.


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