Scan Viewer Software

Scan Viewer

The Polytec ScanViewer is a convenient way to share your Scanning Vibrometer measurement results with your colleagues and project partners. This tool is provided for free under the enclosed license agreement.

Please note

ScanViewer is viewing tool for wherever the PSV software is not installed. Do not install Polytec Scan Viewer side-by-side with PSV version 8.7, VibSoft version 4.7 or a PMA version 2.6, as this can cause these applications to become unstable.

We listened to our users and developed a free viewer that can display, visualize and manipulate scanning vibrometer data graphically in Microsoft Office applications. Now your colleagues can see the outstanding data taken on Polytec systems as quickly as possible, on web pages, in PowerPoint presentations or any other Office documents.

Polytec Scan Viewer is an ActiveXControl that can be embedded into Microsoft Office applications and Internet Explorer; Scan  Viewer is also available as an independent application. Scan Viewer offers you the same high-performance presentation and animation options that come standard with the Polytec scanning vibrometer software.

Make a measurement, analyze and present – all with the same data file!