Scanning Vibrometer Accessories

Scalable Automatic Modal Hammer SAM

Scalable Automatic Modal Hammer SAM

To achieve consistent transfer functions in experimental modal tests, an excitation source with repeatable force level is key. Its unrivalled repeatability perfectly matches Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometers. Two models allow for excitation of small and large structures with force ranges up to 200 N and 2.200 N.

The World is Not Flat: PSV-G-500 Geometry Scan Unit


for coordinate measurements via the scanning mirrors. Reproducibility is typically +/- 1.5 mm. Wide optical dynamic range to cope with surface reflectivity variations, without additional filtering or surface preparation. PSV-G-500 is integrated into the PSV-I-500 scanning head.

The Workstation: PSV-A-013 System Cabinet

PSV-A-013 System Cabinet

Ergonomic mobile workstation with storage for all parts and accessories. Integrated monitor with swivel mount. This modular setup is optimized for sitting as well as standing positions. Drawer for all necessary accessories, cables and fixtures for the tripods.

Remote Control PSV-A-550

PSV-A-550 Remote Control

Setting up scan point, performing 2D and 3D alignment requires a precise control of the lasers. The PSV-A-550 Remote Control allows for a quick and precise setup independent from the video image in the PSV software. The remote control is based on a table computer running the app “PSV Commander”, which is connect to the PSV software via WLAN. The app PSV Commander is available for download  in the Windows (TM) store.

More Light: PSV-A-RLight Ring Light

PSV-A-RLight Ring light

Fiber optic ringlight for illumination of  the test object and contrast enhancement.

Requires PSV-A-410 Close-up Unit.

Good Protection: PSV-A-526 Protective Window

  • PSV-A-525 Protective Window
  • PSV-500 with PSV-A-525 Protective Window

Seals camera and laser opening from dust and wind. Reduces the influence of acoustic excitation on the scanning mirrors at high sound pressure levels. Specially coated optical-grade glass window to avoid laser distortions. The scan angle is reduced to 15° x 15°.

Easy positioning: PSV-A-T11 Motorized pan/tilt head

Motorized pan/tilt head mounted on a heavy duty tripod. If ordered with PSV-400 or PSV-500 it replaces the VIB-A-T02 standard tripod. Control of the pan/tilt position is achieved via software. Pan/tilt speed is 6°/sec.

US Version: PSV-A-T11-US for use with heavy duty tripod model VIB-A-T03. The tripod is not included in this item.