Special Application Vibrometers

Special Application Vibrometers

Let us know your application. There is a dedicated Polytec system that can provide the measurement solution. Polytec offers High Frequency Vibrometers for ultrasonic applications, Rotational Vibrometers for torsional vibration measurement, In-Plane Vibrometers for transverse (in-plane) vibration measurement, Tri-Axial Vibrometers for simultaneous measurement of vibration along 3 axes and long range systems for remote sensing of velocity and displacement.

Synchronous Full-Field Measurements

MPV-800 Multipoint Vibrometer

- for transient and non-stationary events
- up to 48 optical channels 
- 100 kHz bandwidth

Long Range Measurement

RSV-150 Remote Sensing Vibrometer

- highest optical sensitivity
- up to 300m range
- IP-63 sensor

Differential Measurement

HSV-100 High Speed Vibrometer

- single / dual / multi-channel and differential 
- up to 250 kHz freq. range
- up to 40 m/s vibration velocity

OFV-552 Fiber Optical Interferometer

- differential measurement
- for small samples

Vibrations on Rotating Structures

RLV-5500 Rotational Laser Vibrometer

- IP-67 sensor head
- no instrumentation effort
- up to 20,000 rpm

PSV-A-440 Optical Derotator

- allows full field scanning
- tracks rotating object
- up to 24,000 rpm

High-Frequency Vibrations

UHF-120 Ultra-High Frequency Vibrometer

- up to 1.2 GHz 
- sub µm laser spot
- full-field scanning option

OFV-2570 High-Frequency Vibrometer Controller

- up to 24 MHz
- velocity and displacement
- works with all OFV heads

PSV-500-3D-HV Scanning Vibrometer VHF

- 3D full field mapping
- up to 5 MHz 

In-Plane Vibration

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