OFV-5000 Vibrometer Controller

The OFV-5000 Controller is the core of Polytec’s latest state-of-the-art laser vibrometer systems. Its modular design allows the frequency, velocity and displacement capabilities to be tailored to your applications. Both analogue and digital decoders are available, giving a frequency range from near DC to 24 MHz, with velocities to ±10 m/s and displacements from the sub-picometer to meter range. In combination with an interferometric sensor head of the OFV series, this is an ultra-precise workhorse for non-contact vibration measurement.

Modular Approach
A wide range of configurations offers optimum performance for the task with maximum flexibility and expandability to meet future needs. Several compatible standard optic and fiber optic sensor heads are available to meet specific needs for robustness, flexibility compactness and ease-of-use.

Flexible Signal Processing in Real Time
By selecting from the different analog and digital decoders, performance can be precisely tailored to match the demands of your application. Up to four different decoders can be installed at the same time.

Superior Signal Quality
The dedicated Tracking Filter ensures reliable and robust results even under difficult measurement conditions.

Ease of Use
A large 7“ color touch-screen and clear operating menus provide for intuitive operation of the OFV-5000 and allow to fully concentrate on the measurement task.

Remote Control
The RS-232 interface allows operation of the OFV-5000 even from large distances, e.g. in cases where the vibrometer is placed in hazard areas. The dedicated VibSoft Data Acquisition and the free VibrometerPanel software provide a comfortable user interface for the remote control function.