HSV-100 High Speed Vibrometer

The HSV-100 handles vibration speeds up to 40 m/s and provides single or differential velocity and displacement measurement capabilities. Several controllers can be cascaded, enabling multi-channel measurements with an arbitrary number of channels. Engineers running dynamic engine test benches are able to detect deviations between the actual and theoretical valve elevation curves at different engine speeds or analyze phenomena such as valve bounce in the kilohertz-range. Precise digital decoders used in the HSV-100 offer low noise and unambiguous measurement results.

High resolution real time measurements

  • non-invasive measurement of dynamic velocity and displacement quantities
  • modern digital decoding technology
  • tracking filter guarantees reliable results even from difficult surfaces

Flexible use

  • compact sensor is good for restricted space conditions
  • suitable for industrial applications with IP64 rated sensor head
  • frequency bandwidth 50 kHz, optional 250 kHz
  • variable focus

Easy setup

  • signal level display at controller front panel and sensor facilitate aiming and adjusting the setup
  • visible measurement spot for point and shoot operation
  • optional HSV-AK-800 beam deflection unit especially well suited for engine test benches

Reliable and safe operation

  • signal level output for monitoring and recording signal quality
  • large working distance protects equipment in hazardous areas
  • eye-safe class 2 laser

Accurate differential measurement

  • compensates for test bench motion
  • synchronizes measurement of an arbitrary number of channels with correct phase relation
  • vibration velocity and displacement output at the same time


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