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Do you want to measure structural vibrations? Do you need speed and flexibility when answering questions dealing with the structural dynamics and acoustics of any surface? Polytec scanning vibrometers make vibration measurement and analysis simple and efficient.

Tell us about your structural vibration measurement task and we'll provide the scanning vibrometer solution for frequencies from DC up to 25 MHz and vibrational velocities of 0.01 μm/s up to 30 m/s.

For microstructures, we recommend our Micro System Analyzer (MSA).

"Thanks to a CFI grant, our group recently acquired the PSV-500-3D-M from Polytec. This scanning vibrometer will be instrumental in better  understanding how waves propagate in complex structures for various applications, from noise control at low frequencies to damage detection at ultrasonic frequencies. The on-site two-day training was perfectly adapted to our audience of researchers and students and allowed the first measurements to be taken the day right after the training! We are very excited with the quality of the results we obtained so far, which show a dramatic improvement over the PSV-200 system we used before."
Patrice Masson, Professor, Université de Sherbrooke, QC, Canada.

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