Photonic sterilisation

After the sintering of printed electronics, photonic sterilisation or sanitisation currently represents the most significant growth market.  The technology is particularly used in practice for the sterilisation of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and, in the USA, of complete operating theatres.  In addition the packaging for products susceptible to germs, for example in the food industry, is treated in this manner.


X-1100 R&D system

The compact benchtop device has been specially designed to meet research and development requirements so that a system is available for the first time that permits the development of in-house methods for sterilisation processes.

  • controllable pulse peak power, pulse duration and pulse energy
  • radiant power up to 9 Joule/cm2
  • control by intuitively operated touch screen
  • built-in oscilloscope for pulse measuring
  • complex energy delivery schemes can be defined



Z-800 sterilisation systems

The system is available both as a benchtop version for use in the laboratory and as an inline version for production processes.  Operation is by means of a front panel or PLC control.

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