Loudspeaker Design

The tight control of the properties of the membrane are essential to providing proper acoustic fidelity from a loudspeaker. Polytec’s Scanning Vibrometers enable in situ measurements on operating devices with no contact or loading of the membrane, successfully accelerating the development and production of the new loudspeakers.

Audio Speaker Design

Audio Speaker Design

Structural response data taken with a scanning vibrometer allow in situ identification and characterization of dynamic material properties in loudspeakers and clarify inconsistent preliminary SPL measurements and auditory tests.

The flat response of laser vibrometers over and beyond the entire audible range provides a huge asset in the design of high-fidelity speakers. Furthermore, there is no mass loading to distort sample data, and the stand-off distance of the laser sensor has no effect on the linearity of results. Scanning vibrometers allow you to get accurate results both at low frequencies with high amplitudes, and at high frequencies with minute amplitudes.

Proven through use by all major manufacturers Polytec Scanning Vibrometers are the gold standard for speaker response measurments.

Mobile Phone Speakers

The fidelity of mobile phones and thus customer satisfaction depends very much on a proper design of the speakers and the implementation in the mobile device.

Polytec offers a unique measurement method for a quick analysis and visualization not only of the speaker but also its interaction with the surrounding components. Scanning vibrometers equipped with a Close-up Unit can resolve the deflection shapes of samples as small as a square millimeter.